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Frinton-based ‘This Kid Can’ initiative launches

31 Jul Frinton-based ‘This Kid Can’ initiative launches

by Jacqui Tucker

Wix-based employee research provider, The Survey Initiative, is supporting Frinton-based ‘This Kid Can’ with the launch of their new anti-bullying programme for the area’s youngsters.

This Kid Can offers a series of martial arts, kick boxing and gymnastics sessions for 3 – 16 year olds and was set-up just 18 months ago by Tom Escudier, 19, to give children a strong skill base, opportunity for social interaction and to develop their confidence levels.

Tom said: “Already we’ve had hundreds of youngsters enjoy our courses at the Triangle in Frinton and it has been great watching them learn new skills and become more self-assured.”

He added “Our next step is to offer a free anti-bullying camp for schoolchildren, which helps them learn about the five stages of bullying and how to manage this – naturally our main aim is to give children the confidence to halt a bully’s behaviour.”

This Kid Can is offering all youngsters who take part in this three-hour boot camp a free place on their 12-week programme which gives them a grounding in martial arts and further advice on how to prevent bullying.

This Kid Can is reliant upon public goodwill for this programme to go ahead. Tom said: “We’re so grateful to The Survey Initiative for their generous funding, this has really helped us to kick-start this programme, which I think will be a great success and it’s also something I think should be rolled out across the UK.”

This Kid Can endeavours to start-up in shopping centres across the country and offer similar courses and opportunities for youngsters.