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Free PopUp Business School will help young people start their own business, post-COVID-19

11 Aug Free PopUp Business School will help young people start their own business, post-COVID-19

Any students who discover this Thursday that they have not got the A-level grades they wanted, as well as young people who have lost their job as a result of the pandemic, can sign up for a free, five-day nationwide course run by the PopUp Business School, starting September 14th.

Spaces are unlimited and the course will help young people from all walks of life, especially those who are currently at a loose end, to start their own business for free.

Simon Paine is co-founder and CEO of PopUp Business School and will be leading the UK-wide course in September.

Simon says: “Post-COVID, there is more opportunity than ever for starting your own business. There’s been the biggest of shake-ups, so young entrepreneurs should be busier than ever – there really hasn’t been a better time to start up.

“We are in new territory and, in many ways, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people thinking of starting something completely new. We will never get a chance like this to step back out of our day to day, reflect and create something that is important to us and that people need. What do people want and need at this time? How can you serve them in a way that aligns with your passions and interests?

“Don’t focus on what is missing, what is lost and what is wrong. Start focusing on what is next, what is possible and what you can do. Your focus determines your results. Change your focus and you change the course of your destiny. Every single day, focus on what you can build and create and work towards the future you desire.

“Unless you are a scientist working on a cure, you can’t do anything about the situation, so stop worrying and just make the most of it. Don’t be reactive to the environment, be proactive.”