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FREE Exercise with Fitness in Mind at Brentwood Centre

24 Sep FREE Exercise with Fitness in Mind at Brentwood Centre

Following three very successful years supporting hundreds of people, Fitness In Mind Brentwood are running the final funded 12 week course of their initial three year pilot programme. For users that means you can benefit from a programme valued at £360, completely FREE! The next course begins on 1st October, and to secure your spot on it you can register today at or call 01277 246057.

Fitness In Mind is a fully inclusive programme so whether it’s stress or anxiety, a physical or learning disability, or a diagnosed mental health condition, they are here to offer support and encouragement. They have a fantastic programme of exclusive exercise classes completely FREE for anyone aged 16 and upwards. Based at the Brentwood Centre, the classes include Yoga, Tai-Chi, Tone & Stretch, Self Defence, Gym Training and Racquet Sports. All of which, operate within a friendly, safe and stigma free environment; with peer support and professional coaches with mental health first aid training.

This programme marks the end of the fully funded trial for Fitness In Mind. Going forward, whilst the programme plans to continue, there may be a fee to participate. The latest data for the trial period has been remarkable, showing how participants have felt a significantly positive change in their mental, physical and social wellbeing over the 12 week period. Mental wellbeing showed a positive change of 30%, physical wellbeing a 33% increase and social wellbeing a 22% lift. Members comments have been overwhelming telling us how “Fitness in Mind has given them a safe place to go where there’s no judgement”. They have been “able to talk and get to know people” and have felt “uplifted” as their “confidence grew”.

To find out more or sign up simply call 01277 246057, email  or visit