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Freak Show and Orlando come to Chelmsford

15 Feb Freak Show and Orlando come to Chelmsford

Roll up, roll up for the most spectacular ‘Freak Show’ and a one-woman show, ‘Orlando,’ based on Virginia Woolf’s classic novel, this March at Chelmsford’s Cramphorn Studio.

‘Freak Show’ is an original rock musical that is part circus and part a twisted Romeo and Juliet. Gilly has found his one true love and the ringmaster will grant him his heart’s desire. However, Gilly had better be sure of what he wants, but who can he trust – the devil was once an angel. The show by the Essex based Early Doors Productions, bursts with colour, enchantment and slick choreography. Come and see the greatest show from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 March, at 8pm.

Dyad Productions are returning to the Cramphorn Studio on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March, when they will showcase their latest drama ‘Orlando’. Based on Virginia Woolf’s 1928 classic novel, the play explores what it means to find our place in the world whilst remaining utterly true to one’s self. Rebecca Vaughan portrays Orlando, an immortal poet born in the 1500s, who can change gender and meets the key figures from British literature from history and right up to the present time, during an amazing, irreverent and romantic adventure.

Rebecca has previously starred in Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Christmas Gothic, The Time Machine and Austen’s Women, all of which have previously been performed at the Cramphorn Studio.

To book tickets for these shows, visit or call the Box Office on 01245 606505.