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First Women’s-Only Radio Station gets green light 

25 Nov First Women’s-Only Radio Station gets green light 

Anna Kennedy OBE an Autism Campaigner and Ambassador will be one of many presenters on Britain’s first Women’s only radio, broadcasting via the internet across the UK and around the world.

With technology so prevalent in today’s society the station will be accessible on all devices creating a Station exclusively for women of all ages.

For the first time, an all-female radio station, run by women for women. Producing an entire range of female centred programming exclusively covering topics and subjects relevant to women but most importantly exploring truth.

Women Radio’s ethos is to be the Voice of All Women World Wide – providing a network for women to use as a platform – to connect irrespective of creed, colour, race or religion. Sharing the power of understanding, knowledge to provide opportunities.

Anna Kennedy will be talking about ‘Living with Autism’ and inviting guests on her regular slot to share their experiences whether they ate parents, professionals or individuals on the autism spectrum.

Recently Anna recorded her teaser slot to be aired the second week in December.

Womens Radio Station is based in Covent Garden and proclaims to be a voice of truth, not to be influenced by sponsors. There will be no hidden agenda other than to empower all women worldwide. The aim is to create one stronger caring and understanding collective of women. Women’s Radio Station can become your very own voice – what women have to say matters.

More news to follow soon……