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Film producer Jonathan Sothcott defends filmmakers

13 Apr Film producer Jonathan Sothcott defends filmmakers

One of UK’s leading film producers renowned for heralding an entire legacy of genre films has taken a stand to defend filmmaker’s hard work which is teared apart by piracy and companies who support it.

Jonathan Sothcott who recently saw the VOD and soon DVD release of his latest film We Still Steal The Old Way which has received rave reviews took aim at Kodi TV on Twitter becoming the latest industry icon to attack the open-source media playing software.

Before making the most of his Wednesday evening yesterday attending his star studded film screening at Soho Hotel he was praised for defending a very fragile industry.

Kodi TV tweeted Sothcott saying “While we are neutral about piracy, we generally do not condone the use of these piracy apps, because they can be quite dangerous”

In a heroic defence of the British indie film sector whose revenues can be severely affected by piracy Sothcott asked Kodi TV on social networking site twitter “You “take a neutral stance” on piracy – that makes you complicit. You’re enabling illegal downloading & killing the film industry.”

Sothcott added “You’re still refusing to condone piracy in any way which makes you an enabler of a very real threat to a fragile industry. Shame, really”

Pictured: Jonathan Sothcott

Greeted with mixed reactions most industry followers applauded Sothcott’s courage for standing up for the film industry, the Kodi TV account has since blocked Sothcott on Twitter!

This evening a spokesperson for Kodi TV has told EssexTV that they ‘continue to look for ways to combat piracy’ and acknowledged that Sothcott’s “concerns had been noted”

There will be no rest for the prolific producer who is now hard at work planning the release of Bonded By Blood 2 which is earmarked for next month!