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Festival Leisure Park launches ‘Class of 2021′ school leavers’ initiative for pupils missing their leaving ceremonies

03 Jun Festival Leisure Park launches ‘Class of 2021′ school leavers’ initiative for pupils missing their leaving ceremonies

Uncertainty caused by coronavirus has affected school pupils up and down the country, with students unable to celebrate their last day at school in the coming weeks.

Coronavirus has left many schools in the local Basildon area having no choice but to cancel leavers’ proms and events again this summer.

Proms and leaving bashes are now a rite of passage in their own right in the UK, with many schools holding such events for Year 11 and 13 leavers.

Today, Festival Leisure Park has announced their class of 2021 initiative, aiming to help celebrate pupils leaving from local Basildon secondary schools and sixth forms.

Festival Leisure Park is inviting local parents or pupils themselves to upload a picture onto their social media channels to be featured in their special ‘Class of 2021’ leaving video.

The video will be designed and created by the Festival Leisure Park, featuring the images of local pupils alongside a list of names of the school leavers.

The special ‘Class of 2021’ video will then be available to watch through Festival Leisure’s various social media channels.

To be featured in Festival Leisure Park’s ‘Class of 2021’ video simply:

1 – Upload the picture and pupil’s name plus school onto the comment section of one of Festival Leisure Park’s ‘Class of 2021′ posts either through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2 – Send the picture and pupil’s name plus school directly to the centre’s social media inbox on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You can find a direct link to Festival Leisure Park’s social media channels here:


Matthew Chambers, Centre Manager at Festival Leisure Park said, “For the second year running many pupils will now miss their leaving ceremonies, the highly anticipated celebration for Year 11 and 12 school leavers’. We share the disappointment for many pupils unable to end the year with traditional prom celebrations and wanted to be able to somehow highlight and provide a fitting end to their secondary school and sixth form journey.

Matthew continued: “We’re therefore delighted to be able to provide a meaningful gesture for both the pupils and families with our ‘Class of 2021’ video. We’re now inviting parents and even pupils themselves to upload their picture alongside name and school to be featured in this one-off video, as seen on our social media channels.”

Note: Please make sure you have permission to upload photo