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‘Fenomena’ fuse French Touch and electronic funk on debut single

12 May ‘Fenomena’ fuse French Touch and electronic funk on debut single

Introducing French three-piece Fenomena as they release their debut single “In Your Eyes” ahead of live show and forthcoming album.

A new arrival to the French Touch and electronic-funk repertoire that is in equal parts organic, polished and free flowing – the Fenomena project is a three-piece band consisting of David Vincent and Nico Bogue – two revered artists each with longstanding affiliations to Ed Banger Records – and Benjamin Diamond whose vocals on Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You” soundtracked an entire generation.

The unmistakable cadence and intonation of lead singer Benjamin Diamond’s iconic voice transports you back to a simpler time and place, when the only thing that matters is music. “In Your Eyes” is Fenomena’s calling card – a contemporary sound gelling synths and guitars that has blossomed through the inevitable collaboration between three friends: each with influential ties to the French Touch scene, however each contributing individual influences across hip hop, rock, pop, funk, and soul.

Old friends who make new music, then; an opportunity that came about quite naturally: “A desire to have fun, yes, but also the idea, quite quickly, to make a beautiful record, a beautiful album… A record that we want to listen to” explains Benjamin.

The first single “In Your Eyes” is a funk-laced odyssey that brings together the best parts of 80s synth, disco, and an accomplished French Touch – delivered alongside a mesmerising video that channels the neon dreams conjured up by the track’s silky-smooth groove.

Not all audio experiments are successful, but it was clear very early on that Fenomena had all the right ingredients – “…listening to the first titles, we were amazed by the modernity of the sound. Catchy melodies, obvious potential for the dancefloor, finesse of the arrangements, perfumes of Paisley Park, seventies sparks…” points out Bogue.

With this first single serving as both a nod to an enviable French community and a taste of what is still to come, Fenomena are already preparing for their debut live performance at the record release party for “In Your Eyes” in Paris on May 10th.

Fenomena – “In Your Eyes” is out now.