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February figures show big clean-up of Basildon

10 Mar February figures show big clean-up of Basildon

In a big step towards a cleaner Basildon the Council has announced that 439 fines were issued in February for illegal waste dumping across the borough.

The total includes 15 flytipping fines, littering fines, a fine for trade waste duty of care and fines for dog fouling.

The Council’s Street Scene Enforcement team alongside the new National Enforcement Solutions (NES) team issued the fines, as the partnership continues to clean up the borough.

A Trade Waste breach of duty of care was issued to a business for a more serious failure to prevent unauthorised or harmful deposit, treatment or disposal of waste.

Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee Chairman Councillor David Harrison said:

“Most people take steps to keep their borough clean, but there are a few who do not and that’s not right.

“I am proud to provide support for residents and take steps to make sure the issue is simple: we will do all we can to make our streets cleaner and hold those who do not contribute towards this to account.

“We all have the right to live in a clean borough.”