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Euros 2020: Essex Police Warn Locals as The Euros Begin

24 Jun Euros 2020: Essex Police Warn Locals as The Euros Begin

Football fans around the world are made up with the return of the European Championships. While it is one year delayed, its better late than never. However, with the return of football, comes the possibility of chaos from football fans that perhaps maybe have had a little bit too much to drink, or just generally are way too over excited.

Essex fans are particularly anticipating better Euro 2020 odds this year, but of course having just played Croatia recently, and winning, the confidence is hitting the roof. Essex Police have had to come in and warn the greater general public that chaos will not be accepted. Police have hinted that they expect uproar to be unleashed following the matches of England, and are looking to lay in procedures to manage the unrest that could unfold.

Across Essex, local pubs and bars being open again after long restrictions, were filled to the brim with fans who sought to watch the matches on the big screen. With the recent successful route to the semi-finals, there were reports of over excitement with a few reports and incidents here and there. Of course, with the strain on the police force due to the pandemic, being all over Essex during match times is definitely not massively realistic, however the police have made it very clear that they will not hold back on those that do not abide by social law during the Euros 2020 campaign.

Many fans use the Euros as an excuse for crime, and believe that they are able to get away with it, and the police have firmly stated that everyone should indeed behave themselves and not ‘score an own goal’ set with excuses and unnecessary commotion. The superintendent for the police, called Nick Morris, has led the police operations for the Euros for many years. A generally calm and relaxed individual, he has said he understands that fans should enjoy themselves, especially with restrictions and the killjoy of the pandemic, yet there should be a responsible way of doing that. Sensible behaviour is what the Essex police have said they are looking for.

The police further quoted on the matter, saying that they are very understanding of the general public’s want of congregations and excitement during the Euro 2020 campaign. With Gareth Southgate’s team taking all the attention this year, and the excitement brewing around the harmony of England’s team, it is understandable that excitement will take over the atmosphere all over Essex. However, the police want those that choose to leave the home and be in attendance of the public, to do so with conscious attention to the attitude and behaviour they represent outside their homes. The police believe that the many already do know what is expected of them, but there always are a few of those that believe they are above the law, and certainly get too ahead of themselves unfortunately-ruining it for the rest that care to behave and respect the safety of the public.

All the general areas of Essex that give access to watch the Euros have been warned and provided with agendas of what is expected of them during match nights. During the Euros, all licensed premises will have a protocol to follow, and should unrest follow with resistance to the rules in place, these premises must make contact with the Essex police. During match nights, there will be extra patrol out and about in the area, therefore should any premises need extra attention, it will be with a rapid response.

The police also wanted to remind those that do leave home to watch matches, there are still regulations to be kept in line with the pandemic. Numbers of parties must be regulated, and not exceed what is allowed. With the last update from Boris putting off the June 21st ease of restrictions, the national upkeep of regulations is needed more than ever to control the spread of new variants and threats with transmission.