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Essex-wide campaign inspires you to Find Your Active

02 Jul Essex-wide campaign inspires you to Find Your Active

The most important campaign Essex has ever seen launches today which celebrates the fact that physical activity is for everyone.

Find Your Active is all about finding an activity that is right for you, no matter your age or ability. Whether it is getting out in the garden, a short walk, a social bike ride or even a visit to your local leisure centre, the benefits of increased daily movement can be life changing.

Currently one in four Essex adults are classed as inactive [1] while 52%[2] of young people were reportedly less active during the lockdown periods.

Active Essex is leading the way in championing Find Your Active, with the support from multiple organisations, groups and individuals who all want to play a part in ensuring residents are aware of the fantastic opportunities to get active around the county. It is their hope that by helping support individuals to find their active, resident’s health and wellbeing will improve, new friendships will be formed, reducing social isolation and will strengthen communities.

With an array of support on offer, from grants for organisations and instructors to an activity finder for residents to search what is available near them. Find Your Active shines a light on all of the ways you can move more, no matter how big or little that step might be.

The campaign has incredible backing from Dr Ronan Fenton, ICS Medical Director for Mid and South Essex who said: “I strongly believe that increasing engagement in physical activity is the most impactful intervention we can make to improve quality of life lived by our population, and now is the time to do it. Whether you participate in a small amount or large amount, it all counts. By taking part in physical activity, it will help us live longer and ensure our healthcare system can last longer too.”

The launch begins from 3rd July, with a variety of open week sessions, delivered by Active Essex partners, physical activity groups and sports clubs throughout Essex, Southend and Thurrock, to encourage residents to try something new.

Anton Ferdinand retired professional footballer, and Active Essex board member said: “Find Your Active truly encompasses that there is a physical activity for everyone, and it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or attending a sports club. Since I’ve retired from football, I now enjoy having fun with my family by getting outdoors and exploring what my local area has to offer. This campaign will inspire communities across the county to come together to ensure physical activity opportunities are available for everyone to lead an active lifestyle.”

The campaign will bring to life and amplify the agenda of the new 10-year physical activity and sport strategy for Essex, Southend and Thurrock, ‘Fit for the Future’. Find Your Active underpins the work from this new strategy as it aims to create an active Essex to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing. Both will play an important role in helping communities build back better from Covid-19, develop partnerships, tackle inequalities and improve health and wellbeing across the county.

Feeling inspired? You can learn more about the campaign and the different activities you can get involved with across Essex, Southend and Thurrock here: