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Essex & Suffolk Water vow to improve water supply in Hockley

18 Jul Essex & Suffolk Water vow to improve water supply in Hockley

Essential work to upgrade the water supply on Spa Road, Hockley, will start on Monday 23 July 2018 for five weeks.

Essex & Suffolk Water is carrying out the work to improve the drinking water supply network in the area by replacing existing mains, which will improve reliability and safeguard supplies for many years to come.

This is an essential scheme as the existing water main in the area has weakened in recent years, and has become more prone to bursts. This leads to unplanned interruptions to supply, leakage and inconvenience to local shops and general public as a result of more regular roadworks.

The installation technique identified as best suited to replace the water main in situ is ‘pipe-bursting’. This method is far less disruptive than the more traditional open trenching method, but is more intense over a short period.

The location of the works is on Spa Road, from the roundabout at The Spa Public House, for a distance of 350 metres along to Station Road.

Following discussions with Essex County Council it has been agreed that the works will take place during the summer holidays when traffic numbers are normally lower.

While this essential work is taking place a lane closure will be necessary to protect the engineers and the public throughout the duration of this work.

While work is taking place there may be times when water supplies to properties on Spa Road will be interrupted for a period of up to three hours, but at least 48 hours’ notice will be provided to residents if this is required.

There may also be other water supply interruptions of less than 30 minutes, and advanced notice of these will be provided before they take place.