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Essex & Suffolk Water supports plumbing initiative 

28 Jun Essex & Suffolk Water supports plumbing initiative 

by Dan Bryans

Essex & Suffolk Water is promoting a quick and easy five-step guide for new home owners across the East of England to check their plumbing is in tip top condition.

The Moving House guide has been launched by WaterSafe, the UK national accreditation body for approved plumbers, and has the full backing of the UK water industry.

It offers expert advice to home buyers on what they should look out for in their new home when it comes to plumbing, pipes, taps and fittings to help keep their water supply healthy.

The guide was put together following a survey with WaterSafe approved plumbers to find out the most common problems they get called to help with and their top advice.

The plumbers’ top five tips are:
*Find your internal stop tap – where your water supply comes into your home – you may need to turn the water off in an emergency.

*Check the boiler service history and that there is a lid on the cold water tank (usually in the loft) – and always use a Gas Safe registered engineer for servicing.

*Look out for leaky taps, toilets and radiators – tell-tale signs are low water pressure, rust and water stains on the floors or carpets, or mould on ceilings and walls.

*Find out if your home has any lead water pipes – these are shiny when scraped with a screwdriver. Lead can be harmful so it’s a good idea to replace these.

*Check if you have a water meter – as you’ll be billed for the amount of water you use if you do. it’s usually in the ground outside the front of your home, or inside near the stop tap.