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Essex & Suffolk Water issues advice for playing in or around water

20 Jun Essex & Suffolk Water issues advice for playing in or around water

by Matthew Martino

As temperatures continue to soar across the country this week Essex & Suffolk Water has issued safety advice for people tempted to play in or around water during the summer months.

The advice also coincides with the Royal Life Saving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week (16 to 26 June) and is aimed at helping people to stay safe around lakes, reservoirs, canals, ponds and the sea.

Don Coe, Essex & Suffolk Water’s Waterside Parks operations manager, said: “We want people to have fun and enjoy the sunshine, but not at the expense of their own safety and that of their friends and family.

The company’s checklist of safety precautions advises:
• Take notice of any safety advice or warning signs, such as, no swimming signs, a red flag or “danger deep water” signs.
• Always accompany children. Stay close to the group you are with and stay in sight at all times.
• Never go near water if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs – this is the number one cause of water-related deaths.
• Stay clear of strong currents, weirs, rapids and reservoir edges.
• Watch out for slippery banks, soft sand and rocks.
• Messing around can be dangerous – don’t splash water at other people or push them over.