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Essex residents nearly three times more likely to call their mum over their dad

11 Dec Essex residents nearly three times more likely to call their mum over their dad

Mum’s most definitely the word when it comes to East Anglia residents calling habits, with the nation three times more likely to pick up the phone to mum, than dad. Leaving dad in the dark, East Anglia residents spend 45 minutes on the phone to their mum, whereas they dedicate only 25 minutes of talk time to dad.

The research, which was conducted by telecommunications company Lebara, also found that 73% call a family member for a catch up on a weekly basis, whereas those with family members abroad, only one in ten call their loved ones in the same time period.

With only 12% of those surveyed having a phone plan that includes international calls, it’s not surprising that 90% don’t call family abroad on a weekly basis. Nearly a quarter of East Anglia residents complained they were restricted to speaking to their loved ones on their phones due to cost. With most operators it’s easy to rack up a bill of more than what you pay for your handset every month on a single call. Time difference (17%) and lack of free time (11%) were the other reasons cited.

Over the holiday period, over two thirdsof East Anglia residents (67%) spend a staggering one – two hours on the phone with a family member on Christmas Day. Mum remains the most popular call recipient, with 31% saying they call their Mum on Christmas Day, with only 18% calling their Dad. Unfortunately, only 2% dial their Grandparents to wish them a Merry Christmas.