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Essex millionaire couple create a giant bottle of bubbly in their grass

03 May Essex millionaire couple create a giant bottle of bubbly in their grass

A fun-loving couple from Essex who won £3 million on a National Lottery Scratchcard are swapping Champagne glasses for Champagne grass as they take their love of a good-looking lawn to new levels – creating a giant bottle of bubbly in their grass.

Following the life-changing win in 2016, Sue Richards and Barry Maddox moved to their dream home and the green-fingered duo set to work creating a garden to be proud of with swathes of glossy green grass rolling down to a sundeck and hot tub.

With the perfect canvas, Barry has gradually honed his lawn art skills and especially prides himself on his immaculate Wimbledon-worthy stripes and a chequerboard design – but, like all good gardeners, they are always striving for the next challenge for their luscious lawn.

Glancing at the masterpiece, Chris commented: “Garden art such as sculpture and weird and wonderful topiary seems to be becoming very fashionable, you often see it at the big garden shows but this is the first private commission I’ve had for lawn art, maybe we can set the next trend.

“Grass is not the easiest medium to work with and it takes a great deal of planning and plotting. The secret is in a long and lush covering to start with. The good news is it if you make a mistake it will grow out fairly quickly and you can try again, much like a hair cut!”