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Essex man runs gruelling Ottawa Lumberjack Challenge for local charity

30 May Essex man runs gruelling Ottawa Lumberjack Challenge for local charity

Lepra’s Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Assistant, James Byfield, challenged himself to run the Ottawa Lumberjack Challenge from 25th – 26th May.

The Ottawa Lumberjack Challenge consisted of running 2km, 5km and 10km races, followed by the gruelling Ottawa Marathon, all to fundraise for people affected by leprosy. Raising over £650 so far, the money donated can be used to help diagnose people in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique with leprosy, along with providing the cure and post treatment care that they may need.

James completed 2km, 5km and 10km races the day before running the Ottawa marathon, running a total of 59.2km over the two days!

After only a few hours of sleep following the completion of the individual races, James ran the Ottawa Marathon on Sunday 26th May completing in a time of 6 hours, 42 minutes and 49 seconds. James’ combined time for all races over the weekend was an impressive 8 hours, 42 minutes and 49 seconds.

James had to endure frequent downpours of rain during the two day challenge; however, he was happy to complete all races successfully.

Now these challenges are complete, James is preparing for his final marathon of his 4 marathon challenge, and will run the Stockholm marathon for Lepra.

When asked about his motivations for running James stated, “I am passionate about raising awareness of leprosy, and hope that my multiple marathon challenge will inspire others to challenge themselves whilst fundraising for such a good and worthwhile cause.”

You can support James by donating on his fundraising page: