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Essex hotels are bursting as staycation availability falls even further

02 Aug Essex hotels are bursting as staycation availability falls even further

Research by hotel booking platform, Hoo, has found that holiday accommodation availability across the most popular staycation hotspots has fallen even further ahead of another summer of staycations.

Hoo analysed holiday accommodation availability for a family of four across 12 popular staycation destinations throughout August and how this availability compared to the previous analysis carried out in June.

The research shows that on average, 93% of accommodation across these popular UK holiday hotspots has already been booked, up from 90% just a month ago.

The biggest increase has been in Great Yarmouth, where in June 78% of accommodation had already been booked up. However, hoo’s latest analysis shows that this has jumped to an incredible 98%, meaning there are very slim pickings left for those with plans to holiday in Yarmouth this summer.

The Lake District has also seen a notable increase, with the level of fully booked accommodation increasing from 88% in June to 96% in July.

In terms of the lowest current availability, 99% of listed accommodation in Salcombe has already been booked, while the Isle of Wight and Portmeirion are 98% full.

But it’s not all bad news as holiday plans change and availability can improve. hoo’s analysis shows that last month 99% of accommodation in Padstow, Cornwall, was fully booked. However, more accommodation has since become available with just 86% now fully booked.

This makes Padstow one of the best bets for finding a place for a staycation, along with Brighton (86%)

A last minute deal could also be on the cards for those looking to book for August, as hoo’s analysis also shows that the average room rate across these popular destinations has fallen by £30 per night. Although some destinations such as Brighton, Isle of wight and Salcombe have seen a sharp increase.

hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented:

“It’s shaping up to be an incredibly busy summer of staycations and we’re seeing the level of available accommodation grow smaller by the day as we reach peak season.

The good news is that in such uncertain times, the chances of a cancellation are higher than they might be otherwise and so we are seeing availability fluctuate in both directions.

For those who are yet to book but still fancy a staycation this summer, don’t lose hope – there’s still a good chance of securing a place to stay provided you remain flexible on destination. A last minute booking could also see you pay less than you would have a month or more ago, as providers look to maximise their income during the summer months.”