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Essex everyday hero announced as winner for Diamond ring

03 Jul Essex everyday hero announced as winner for Diamond ring

Bespoke London jeweller Taylor & Hart has announced a winner who has been gifted a diamond ring to sat thanks for their unwavering strength during the pandemic. 

The winner, Lauren Ezekiel, from Essex, is the founder of WE C U 2020, an initiative supporting our NHS frontline workers with beauty items in a bid to promote self-care amongst those who have giving their all during the pandemic.

As a former beauty Editor, Lauren was nominated to win the diamond ring by her former Lifestyle Editor at Fabulous. The initiative WE C U 2020 has seen more than 350,000 beauty products donated to the frontline staff and hospitals.

“I kept seeing posts of Facebook and Twitter from NHS staff asking for hand cream, lip balm and other toiletries. I also dropped some donated gloves to a couple of hospitals and care homes near me and the staff all complained about how the PPE and hand washing was causing their skin to be sore. I felt like it was all I was seeing and I knew the beauty brands would have products to donate. Rather than sit at home feeling frustrated I thought I would do something instead,” Lauren said.