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Essex entrepreneur James W Phillips heads to New York to inspire next generation

25 Feb Essex entrepreneur James W Phillips heads to New York to inspire next generation

Essex entrepreneur James W Philips is set to head to New York to inspire next generation of entreprenuers next month.

Phillips who runs JWP Media Group told us “From my background as a 5th generation farmers son from Essex, I started my charitable foundation to enable me to give back after developing my own international brand, which caught the eye of the business unit at the La Salle Institute in Troy, New York”

He added “With the up-coming post-Brexit trade deal with the US, that will set the benchmark for our future trading relationship with the USA, and further promote the ‘special relationship’, I see The Global Business Education Initiative and my foundation The JWP Foundation, as thinking ahead of the curve and helping to prepare the next generation to become entrepreneurs and business leaders and leave a legacy to ensure the special relationship continues into the future.”

Phillips will be flying out on the 6th of March to meet all the boys who will be in their full military dress uniform, with one of his business partners, Karen Slater, owner of Inspire Me Travel from Essex, and the owners of the luxury sneaker brand, Lajabu Seven from Germany and to also meet Mike Levy, head of the business programme at La Salle.

Michael B. Levy at the La Salle Institute, Troy NY told us:

“La Salle Institute is a private boys college preparatory school. The business program at La Salle was developed to bring the classroom into the real world by allowing students to take the theory they learn and put it into practical application. The collaboration between James Phillips of the JWP Media Group and the business program at La Salle demonstrates what the program is all about.

“The marketing classes at La Salle have worked with over 60 companies worldwide over the years and are currently working with 2 companies that James is affiliated with; Lajabu Seven from Germany and Inspire Me Travel, also from Essex. The assignments the boys are working on cover luxury baseball hat designs for Lajabu 7 to experience-led vacation planning for Inspire Me Travel. The boys gain valuable experience from working with the companies. 

“This kind of experience also puts the students way ahead of their contemporaries since no other school in the USA is doing this kind of work. This is a one-of-a-kind program. 

It is visionaries like James Phillips that enables the program at La Salle to achieve the results that can only be imagined elsewhere.”

You can follow James’ visit to New York on his Instagram @james_w_phillips