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Essex-based therapist Karl Rollison offers free NHS sessions

29 Apr Essex-based therapist Karl Rollison offers free NHS sessions

Essex based life coach Karl Rollison is offering NHS workers free Zoom sessions during lockdown. He is also uploading daily YouTube videos aimed at helping people during these difficult times.

Karl is taking requests from NHS workers for different types of mental health coping mechanisms they need during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is a hypnotist and life coach who specialises in behaviours and has worked with many high profile organisations. He has worked with people suffering from insomnia, anxiety and stress helping them to rationalise their fears and phobias.

During his time on Harley Street Karl has successfully treated a number of clients from a stunt pilot who experienced a near miss which knocked his confidence to a high level client struggling with pressure. More importantly, though he has helped people successfully seek essential medical and dental care by resolving medical-related issues.