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Essex-based Karl Rollison is ‘saving lives’ this winter

13 Dec Essex-based Karl Rollison is ‘saving lives’ this winter

According to figures from the Royal College of GPs, last year alone in the UK there were 155 deaths from the flu, and flu admissions across the UK were up 150 per cent. For vulnerable people who suffer from an increased risk of infection, their lives can be saved simply by having a flu jab.

However, according to Harley Street hypnotherapist Karl Rollison, a small but significant number of the population suffer from a condition called ‘Trypanophobia,’ which is a fear of medical needles and syringes. It’s a fear that many people are prepared to risk their lives for, by avoiding life-saving injections.

This is something Karl has experienced first-hand in his family. ‘My niece was undergoing medical tests that required regular blood extraction. This often resulted in her needing to be restrained or sedated; even the thought of needles gave her panic attacks. She was also opposed to anyone touching her wrists and couldn’t even look at her own veins. After an hour or so with me, the phobia was eradicated. Having an injection to her now is just a minor inconvenience as it is with most of us.’ said Karl.

That is why this winter, Karl is opening the doors to his Harley Street clinic to give FREE treatment to anyone who is suffering from the phobia. Karl says: When I realised that there were illnesses and even deaths being caused by the fear of receiving an injection, I realised I had to do something to help. With flu season upon us again, I am providing free treatment to anyone who has Trypanophobia. If we can save one life with this program, it will be worth it.’

During his time on Harley Street Karl has dealt successfully with every phobia you can imagine, from the usual ones like spiders and heights to the more obscure like ladders and buttons. More importantly, though he has helped people successfully seek essential medical and dental care by resolving medical-related issues.