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Essex author publishes heartbreaking story of life as a victim of domestic abuse

22 Oct Essex author publishes heartbreaking story of life as a victim of domestic abuse

Essex author Fiona Bowman is set to release her book at the end of this month; Did I Wake You, Pet? is the horrifying and emotional true story of a victim of domestic violence.

Her back hurt, her head did too. Her legs ached, her lips split and bleeding. Her cheek was slowly swelling, but his arm was around her shoulders. She sobbed quietly, praying that police officers would storm the building, praying for safety, safety that didn’t come.

This was the last of the beatings, and by far the worst. Victimised and abused systematically for years, author Fiona Bowman recounts the story of her journey of hope as she details her tale of escape. With the help of her friends and her employers, she was transferred to position 400 miles away, allowing her to escape the horror that had haunted her for too long. She had a chance to start again, a chance to keep her eyes looking forward, never needing to look back.

“I used to write down my experiences in notebooks as a cathartic exercise and eventually, in 2004, put it together as a book.  I still didn’t let it out as I was still worried that my ex-husband would see it and find me” says Fiona Bowman. “He had always promised that he would come and find me and kill me. So, the first time that I told my story was on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray”.

Fiona Bowman was a Runner Up in the Woman of the Year DODS in 2005, and is currently the managing director of Dysart 57 Ltd., as well as Interim Head of Facilities at Saferplaces Domestic Abuse Charity in Hertfordshire and Essex. Fiona is also a keen choral singer, guitarist, painter and traveller. However, her crowning achievement is obtaining a life of peace and happiness.

Bowman adds: “2 women a week die as the result of Domestic Abuse and we need to raise awareness. If I can change the life of one person then this will have been worthwhile.”


This harrowing autobiography realises ten years of pain and suffering, creating an emotional and unforgettable read.


Never let go of hope. Happiness is never out of reach.


Did I Wake You, Pet?, published by Austin Macauley, will be available to purchase from 31st October 2017. For more information, please