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Escape rooms entrepreneurs launch live-virtual games in answer to COVID-19 lockdown

03 Apr Escape rooms entrepreneurs launch live-virtual games in answer to COVID-19 lockdown

Know Escape has launched a brand-new solution to keep friends and family connected and entertained during the COVID-19 crisis. The new, online escape rooms are totally unique, allowing connections from up to eight households (anywhere in the world) to a live games master in a virtual location.

Alex’s Bathroom was the first game to launch from Know Escape, with a sell-out opening weekend. The story finds players in the bathroom of a person they know only as Alex. As they learn more about this individual, it becomes clear they need to get out… but how? Two further titles have been added in quick succession and many more will follow in coming weeks.

The games master guides participants through a live adventure, providing hints and tips, as they try to solve a series of puzzles and clues and ultimately ‘escape’. The games, suitable for anyone over eight years old, last for up to 60 minutes and starts from just £45. It can be played on most smartphones, tablets and computers but an Internet connection is needed and larger screens are recommended. Multiple players can be present at each location, although the recommendation is for up to eight players for best user experience.

Will Hazon, co-founder at Know Escape said, “We’ve had great fun rapidly building this game and I hope it helps people feel closer together at a time when they can’t be. This is a really exciting option for us while we can’t run our rooms, helping to keep our team in jobs and our business operational, as well as answering direct requests from our customers for something fun to do at home.”

The growth of escape rooms has been exponential in recent years, with an estimated 1,500 ‘rooms’ open across the UK. In a time when government closures are mandated for the leisure and tourism industry, quick-thinking and adaptability are paramount to survival.

Hazon continued: “We are a family-owned, small business and, while we fully appreciate the need for safety at this time of crisis, we would likely struggle to make it through without the backing of our amazing communities. With the right support, this venture could keep our business alive and give our growing team a secure future. It can also help other businesses to keep their workforce connected as we can host virtual team building and fun.”