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Energy firms must do much more to help customers, say 84% of UK adults

05 Sep Energy firms must do much more to help customers, say 84% of UK adults

The vast majority of UK adults do not think the Government, energy providers or retailers are doing nearly enough to support them through the cost-of-living crisis, new research from ZIPZERO has found.

An app-based platform that funnels digital marketing expenditure from brands and retailers towards the payment of consumers’ utility bills, ZIPZERO commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 representative UK adults.

More than four fifths (84%) of consumers feel that energy providers could be doing a bit (25%) or a lot (59%) more to help them during the cost-of-living crisis. Despite many energy firms offering schemes and grants for customers struggling to pay bills, a mere 8% of the respondents thought that these companies are doing all they can to help, with these limited one-off schemes.

It comes as the likes of BP, Shell and British Gas have all announced major profits for the past year.

The Government attracted similar criticism, with 81% saying it needs to do a bit (25%) or a lot (56%) more to support people at this challenging time. Meanwhile, the Government has just ruled out any “immediate cost-of-living measures”.

Seven in ten (70%) UK adults think retailers could be doing a bit (42%) or a lot (28%) more to soften the blow of inflation for customers.

ZIPZERO’s research showed that 17% of UK adults have already been unable to pay an energy bill in 2022. Almost half (47%) fear they will fall into fuel poverty by the end of 2022.

Mohsin Rashid, co-founder of ZIPZERO, said: “Is it any wonder that thousands if not millions of UK adults are considering joining a mass boycott against paying their energy bills? Amidst reports of huge profits for energy firms, our research shows as clear as day that people feel cut adrift and woefully under-supported by their energy providers. But also, from the Government and retailers too. Their outrage is understandable – but collectively we can and must do more.

“The Government, energy firms, retailers and brands could all be doing so much more to support people at this challenging time. In the case of energy firms and retailers, they can do this by realigning their expenditure and considering how to reward customers for their loyalty.

“At ZIPZERO, we are committed to redistributing the £27 billion Big Tech receives from digital advertising back to people at the checkout. Ultimately, innovative solutions are required, but so is a willingness to help – now is not the time to pocket profits while millions fall into fuel poverty, but instead, all businesses must ask what they can do to make a positive impact on people’s bank balances.”