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@EmilyB_Official has her say: “its car crash TV but we all love to watch it!”

29 Aug @EmilyB_Official has her say: “its car crash TV but we all love to watch it!”

By Emily B


The judges?

It’s weird having all the old ones back having the auditions back in the room. It almost seems like your watching an old episode. Gotta love Sharon and Louis. Nicole isn’t really for me she kinda grates me.


To be honest Nicole sends me and my entire family nuts her yoghurt adverts to her impressions here. I’d rather her stop do Britain flag adverts and go home #justsaying


It’s a fix

Well obviously it’s an entertainment show why wouldn’t they put really good and really bad people in. People enjoying the show is what’s important. It’s just part of watching these types of shows its to be expected.



Sunday 28th:

Think last night’s episode wasn’t as good as saturday’s, maybe they should just stick to Saturday nights unless they can edit funnier ones for Sunday.


For example sat night we had HoneyG I mean come on how hilarious was she! Imagine her doing a PA at Essex House! The selfies with the customers and her behind the DJ booth would be worth paying the admission fee!

Also I really liked the boy from Bolton his story was genuine and to write a song like he did about his little brother who died and sing it with such soul in his voice was incredible.


My favourite last night was Rebekah Ryan’s performance single Mum, 39 and still giving it a go to really want it and be so passionate is what XFactor is all about!


I used to like watching the Xtra Factor on ITV2 but now Rylan is hosting I won’t be tuning in he is bloody everywhere on Channel5, ITV1 and now ITV2 I mean come on there are other presenters available!!!


Roll on next Saturday it can’t come quick enough for me, rather than partying in Essex I’ll be on my sofa with my little boy Freddie with a takeaway watching the next episode of X Factor it’s car crash TV but we all love to watch it!


Love EmilyB