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East Anglian Men Say Bye to Beards in 2018

09 Jan East Anglian Men Say Bye to Beards in 2018

Men’s grooming brand men-ü has revealed new research unveiling the huge popularity of the clean-shaven look in East Anglia, which may be why men affirmed they want more education on how to achieve the ultimate shave for healthy skin.

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of men opting for a beard, (reflected in a 5% decline in razor blade sales), but that looks like it may be changing. In fact, 64% of men in East Anglia now opt for a clean shaven look, whilst less than a fifth (19%) are bearded. This is also reflective of the preference of women in the region. A tiny 5% of women say they like bearded men! Compared to 65% who would rather their man wore a clean shave.

Shaving is generally considered an easy process with 98% of East Anglian men saying they know how to shave. Despite this perception some simple but fundamental errors are being made. Nearly half (45%) of men in the region didn’t know that hair around the neck area often grows in different directions and needs to be shaved accordingly. This lack of knowledge could be leading many men to bad shaves and irritated skin. Shaving against the growth of hair can cause damage and lead to redness and blotchiness.

But men are aware they lack knowledge with regard to shaving and skincare and are keen to learn more from experts. A huge 84% of East Anglian men said that they thought more education on shaving would be beneficial. And they are right as the majority of men (88%) said they shave simply to achieve smooth skin, and (69%) find shaving a chore. But when done correctly shaving has some excellent benefits for the skin. The process removes up to two layers of dead skin cells which is great exfoliation that women can only dream of.  A huge 69% of East Anglian men were completely unaware of this!