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Does Lionel Messi always shine in key games?

27 Dec Does Lionel Messi always shine in key games?

Now we can already talk about the fact that Messi is among the greatest players in history, especially because this status can be confirmed by an objective list of trophies won. Messi performs very well in his career, playing in a fairly competitive championship. Those fans who like to watch live soccer understand that even stars can burn out or wince in crucial matches. Of course, Messi has won all the significant trophies, although dry statistics show that he has scored only 4 goals in 9 matches, taking into account the super-successful 2022 World Cup.

For fairness, only Champions League finals, Copa America finals and World Cup finals were taken into account. Messi’s biography includes winning the 2006 World Cup, but he did not take part in the finals. Therefore, the report is taken from 2007, when Messi reached the Copa America final with the team. Then, there were the 2009 and 2011 UEFA Champions League victories, the 2015 UEFA Champions League final, the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals defeats and the long-awaited 2021 Copa America and 2022 World Cup victories. It turns out that those who did not catch the player’s initial path in soccer could watch in live the most significant achievements for Messi at the national team level. Therefore, it is useful for them to know how Leo showed himself at the most important moment.

A list of useful actions in the finals by Messi

You have to understand that soccer is a team game, and there is the opposing team, so it is always pointless to blame the main star for the failures. However, by analyzing yesterday football match result, you can find out how a particular player looks at the most important moment. Messi in his career looked like this:

  1. A failed Copa America 2007 with only one shot blocked.
  2. Winning the 2009 Champions League with a goal scored by a head.
  3. A statistically perfect 2011 Champions League final for Messi, when an important goal was scored.
  4. The defeat in the 2014 World Cup final, when there were several good unused chances.
  5. The lack of goals or passes in the 2015 World Cup final still allowed Messi to make a nice impression. There was participation in all the goals scored by the partners.
  6. Roughly the same hard games at the Copa America 2015 and 2016, when the team was able to score in the penalty shootout the first time, but not the second time.
  7. Winning the Copa 2021 with individually poor games.

If we look at the football results of the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, which was practically yesterday, the final match result confirmed that it was one of the best finals for Lionel in his career.