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Designer Zia Nagani tells all ahead of London Fashion Week

24 Jan Designer Zia Nagani tells all ahead of London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week with all its on and off schedule events is widely recognised as one of the ‘big four’ international fashion weeks and an important showcase for the UK’s industry and talent.

The international character of LFW is reflected in the wider industry, with many of catwalk designers at London Fashion Week originating from outside the UK. Amongst the international talent coming to the UK is Zia Nagani who will be showcasing on Fashions Finest on the 17th of February 2018 at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden.

Zia Nagani grew up in Pune, India. She majored in economics in college, but found her true calling at eighteen, when she started designing her own mini-collections. After receiving an overwhelming response from her friends and family, she began pursuing fashion more seriously, opening her own label at thirty. She now owns her own boutique in Pune, India, and has a loyal clientele all over the country, as well as in Dubai. She frequently has exhibitions in both locations. All her collections specialize in creating modest, edgy clothing.

We had a chat with Zia …

What three traits define you?

Chatty, positive and driven

How is the fashion industry evolving?

I believe the fashion industry has evolved into a more eclectic form of expression in recent times. I no longer recognize specific “trends” dominating the fashion world, but many varieties of expression expanding to every niche market in the industry. I think social media plays a big role in this transformation — people are able to put together their own diverse, individualistic wardrobes and are no longer swayed by what is seemingly “in fashion”.

How did you get into be a fashion designer?

I’ve always been a fashion-lover. From my childhood till now, creating my own trends has always been my favorite pastime!

What are the biggest challenges in your career?

Dealing with social media… I’m still getting there!

What can we expect from your brand throughout the year of 2018?

My mission has always been to create edgy fashion that is all-purpose, modest and comfortable. I’m all for uniting chic with comfy!

Where does your inspiration come from?

My clients

What drives you?

The expression on my clients’ faces when they’re pleased with what I’ve created for them.

What was your greatest success in the past few years?

My clients who always come back for more.

What are your plans for the future?

Going international with modest, chic clothing.