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Darren Selkus: “All credit to Boris Johnson bravely attempting to agree a deal with the EU”

06 Oct Darren Selkus: “All credit to Boris Johnson bravely attempting to agree a deal with the EU”

by Darren Selkus || The Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Epping Forest

All credit to Boris Johnson bravely attempting to agree a deal with the EU.
A new 5-point plan to replace the Northern Ireland backstop has been approved by the DUP. He also wants to change the political declaration’s aspiration for a customs union aligned with EU law to a free trade agreement with the UK taking responsibility for its own regulatory affairs and trade policy.

Is this ‘deal’ any different to Theresa May’s withdrawal treaty ? If it looks, smells and tastes like Theresa May’s Withdrawal Treaty it probably is !

The change to the backstop, if agreed by Ireland and the EU, is a definite improvement. The political declaration however is not legally binding. If changed there is no guarantee we can leave the customs union and any future trade deal relies on good faith from the EU.

Are the EU likely to scrap their red lines and grant us access to the single market without conforming to their rules, regulations, laws and freedom of movement ?

More likely they will hold us hostage in the withdrawal treaty, their framework for our future relationship, until we give in and ‘agree’ to remain in the customs union.

Don’t forget the rest of the catastrophic withdrawal treaty remains unchanged; Paying £39bn; Access to our fishing waters; Committed to EU military integration; Subject to EU laws, rules, regulations, competition and state aid policies; Any dispute settled by the European Court of Justice; No representation, vote or veto; In a terrible negotiating position for the ‘future arrangements’.

Unless a free trade agreement is written into the legally binding withdrawal treaty we will likely be stuck in the Customs Union for good; unable to do our own free trade deals and set tariffs. Just replacing the Irish Backstop with the 5-point plan is not Brexit. If you can ignore the spin and Boris Johnson’s charm and bluster it is still a very bad deal for the UK.

Germany is almost in recession, as factory output slumps, and the Eurozone economy is close behind. “Recessions expose who has been swimming naked in frothy waters at full tide”. The big question is, will the EU do a deal, risk no-deal or wait for a UK General Election ?