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Daniel Mcleod on The Voice: “Girls Might Want To Have Fun, But Not With Them Vocals”

14 Mar Daniel Mcleod on The Voice: “Girls Might Want To Have Fun, But Not With Them Vocals”

Reflecting back on the past weekend’s action on The Voice UK it was Team Will’s turn to take the stage to compete for a place in the finals of the competition.

Tanya performance was amazing, her vocals were off the hook and I felt like she could be one of the contestants that is in the final. As for her outfit, she looked stunning.

Performance mark: 9/10

Hayley’s performance was lacking everything tonight, her vocals were off and it also didn’t help that I cannot stand the song: “Need You Now”. I am so glad that the public or Will didn’t pick her tonight.

Performance mark: 3/10

So we come to Jason’s performance, When I heard he was singing an Ariana Grande song I was over the moon, until he started singing. It was horrendous and I was so angry that he ruined one of Ariana’s singles (Big Fan, if you didn’t already know). Don’t get me wrong, his vocals are brilliant and I am happy that he is through but that song was not right for his voice.

Performance Mark: 4/10 chose “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” for Lia White and that was the worst mistake ever made in The Voice UK history. Her vocals were just horrendous and I think this was one of the worst versions of the song that I have ever heard. I am so pleased she didn’t get through on that performance alone as I have loved her until tonight.

Performance Mark: 1/10

I cannot really say much about Clara’s performance because it was just so not right for the show!

Performance Mark: 2/10

Michelle, where can I start, She was amazing in every single way, her voice was so beautiful and I am so so so happy that she is through to the finals.

Performance Mark: 10/10

So after all the contestants sang, we had a performance from judge Gavin Rossdale and his band, Bush. I cannot comment on their performance because I left the room when they were performing due to me being cringed (There’s that word again, I always like to use) out by how there vocals were so bad!

I am so happy that Tanya and Michelle got through tonight and I want to say congrats to Jason, your performance might have been horrendous tonight but well done for getting through.
Can I just add also that am not liking The Voice UK on ITV (Too many adverts) We need BBC TO BUY IT BACK!

Thank you for reading my very honest review on The Voice UK, Until next time, Adios for now!

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