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DAN BRYANS writes: It’s our general election not hers!

22 May DAN BRYANS writes: It’s our general election not hers!

by Dan Bryans

Nothing is more excruciatingly worrying that Theresa May parading around an empty factory whilst cutting herself out from the general world of the public, you know the hardworking – long suffering voters who just next month will decide her fate in a snap general election that is nothing more than her doing.

Whilst on the other hand Jeremy Corbyn speaks to thousands at a Libertines gig and makes the whole speech about them not about themselves, following the very brief speech this leaves eager for change voters chanting ‘Corbyn, Corbyn, Corbyn’!

Now perhaps everyone at Conservative HQ has been too busy digesting these diluted opinions polls showing a safe conservative lead or perhaps some are filled with the predicament of whether to tell it how it is or not but it’s about time someone told Theresa May that this general election is about us the voters not the Her!

The sheer robotic nature of the Tories which finds lies, deceit and inhuman decision making at the core of most of their pledges has been carefully demonstrated across the country. Here is Essex you have Tory MPs in very safe conservative seats who won’t attend a hustings or go canvassing but instead are chauffeur driven around their constituency visiting only a select number of business – it’s time to wake up Britain!

I want to reach out to all the young voters at this time, myself as a 21year old starting out in media know all the challenges you face ! I’m still living at home and can hardly even think about getting a mortgage despite Chelmsford having some housing with decent price tags, I want to take you back to last summer when you woke up and realised that these politicians had tricked the elderly half of the nation into robbing you of your future by voting Brexit, I want you to remember the anger you felt that morning and use it as you head to the polls on June 8th.

I can’t tell you how to vote that’s for you to decide, but open your eyes and remember this is about us not about HER!