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Essex TV Creative Fund

The Essex TV Creative Fund provides grants and support to aspiring TV presenters and TV crew across the county of Essex.


TV Presenters (Open to all ages)

Recipients of the TV Presenters Grant will get funding to attend an accredited TV Presenting course local to where they are based following which they will be given the opportunity to produce and present a piece to be housed on the Essex TV digital channel.


TV Crew (Open to all ages)

Recipients of the TV Crew Grant will get funding and support to attend a TV training programme niche to their chosen career path. The training or course will be suggested to the winning applicant by Essex TV after which a fully funded place on the course will be offered. Following their training recipients are invited to film, produce or edit content for Essex TV.


The Graduate Program

Graduates from Film & TV courses who are based in Essex will be given an opportunity to work with Essex TV in filming and producing content. Paired with an industry professional they will assist in filming/editing and producing content for Essex TV. Under the graduate scheme they will be offered an allowance to cover their expenses.

Essex TV Ltd is a new digital local TV Channel for the great county of Essex.

Its aim is to highlight the local county of Essex to the world allowing local talent and businesses an opportunity to spotlight themselves whilst entertaining viewers with intelligent and cutting edge programming.

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