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County Councillor Stephen Canning on #LE2017

07 May County Councillor Stephen Canning on #LE2017

Last week’s Local Elections yielded surprising results for many, County Councillor and digital chief Stephen Canning marked a remarkable return to County Hall with a greater majority.

Digital chief Canning retained his Bocking seat in Braintree with a 1,151 majority.

He told us “Honoured that the people of Bocking have chosen, by a larger number than before, to return me to County Hall.”

With everyone’s focus now switching to the forthcoming General Election on June 8th, the large gains by The Tories across the County could prove fatal for their opposition.

Canning added “I’m thrilled to be joining a large new intake of Conservatives, elected on the back of tremendous public support for our Prime Minister Theresa May.