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Could you be one of Essex Police’s Community Helpers?

16 Apr Could you be one of Essex Police’s Community Helpers?

Do you know what an Active Citizen does? Do you know how our Special Constables help police the county? Have you thought about joining Neighbourhood Watch?

This week Essex Police are launching a volunteer campaign called ‘community helpers’ to help increase the number of volunteers in the Basildon district and across the county.

You can register your interest to become an Active Citizen, Neighbourhood Watch volunteer or Community Special Constable.

Volunteers currently work within Essex Police but they do not take on paid roles or roles currently filled by staff. They bring their various life skills with them to help keep Essex safe.

Essex Police are currently seeking the below:

Neighbour Watch volunteers – Neighbourhood Watch volunteers help reduce crime by setting up community groups in their area. They work alongside the police and partner organisations to tackle crime, share information and help keep their community safe.

Active Citizens – Active Citizens are volunteers in the community who help us to lower crime and the fear of crime by interacting with the public. They can get involved in a wide range of work to assist us including running community days of action, patrolling with local officers and providing crime prevention advice to residents.

Community Special Constables – A Community Special is a volunteer police officer who sacrifices their free time to help keep their community safe with full policing powers. Community Specials can volunteer in a number of different districts across the county.

Their volunteers give up their free time around their own commitments.

Sound like something you would like to do?

Find out more now by registering your interest today:

Find out more about becoming a volunteer now:

For more information about our Community Special Constables, visit: