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Commissioning of Hospital Chaplaincy honours volunteers

20 Apr Commissioning of Hospital Chaplaincy honours volunteers

A special event took place at St. Margaret’s Hospital this week when over 40 people gathered for a Commissioning of Hospital Chaplaincy volunteers, awarding Training Certificates and thanking current volunteers. 

The evening was be led by St Margaret’s Lead Hospital Chaplain Rev. Paul Walker and Princess Alexandra Hospital Lead Chaplain Rev Christian Okeke, who jointly facilitated the training. Special guests brought greetings and presented certificates and they included Sally Morris, Chief Executive, of EPUT and Phil Wing (Head of Inpatient Services.

Certificates were awarded to 18 volunteers who graduated from the 8 week training course, Harlow Councillor Ian Beckett was one of the receipents of the certificates. 

Rev Ernie Guest, Chaplain Duncan Whitehouse and other leaders representing local Churches will pray and commission the chaplaincy volunteers who will be providing holistic care at the Epping and Harlow hospital sites in conjunction with the Chaplains.