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COLUMNIST: I don’t believe the “all in it together” mantra writes Karin @celeb_fc

13 Jul COLUMNIST: I don’t believe the “all in it together” mantra writes Karin @celeb_fc

Over the past few weeks, The British political landscape has seen some major turmoil, with Political party leadership battles, resignations and even a leader who just won’t go; but no tussle has been as important to the people of the UK as the battle for the leadership of the Conservative party.

At the end of June, we saw 5 potential candidates for Tory leader, split evenly from both sides of the very important Brexit fence. Now we are just a few days later and without a vote cast by her own party, without a general election or even a leadership run-off, the people of the UK have a New Prime Minister in Theresa May. Handed the title of Leader of the Conservative party without contention.

Why should that matter?

As a country, in June, we voted on the most important matter for a generation – to leave the EU. The leader of this country needs to be someone who can steer us through this transition, someone with conviction and sincerity of belief that being OUT is what is in our best national interest.

Mrs May has campaigned since day one for us to remain in the EU.

This worries me greatly as the EU referendum quite clearly exposed the divide in the UK that many from particularly working class backgrounds, have known about for many years. However, it would appear that Mrs May & many in her party were oblivious to this ever widening gap and were very surprised by the Leave vote when it happened.

The problem we now have is that Mrs May is not only a staunch advocate & supporter of the EU machine, she is also the very epitome of a Tory.

She not only believes in the basic conservative mantra of upwards redistribution of wealth and mass privatisation of public property but she also has a belief that the government has an inane right to snoop on our personal lives, including our correspondence and media.

Her history in public office is also an extremely troubling read, with failures of cataclysmic proportions, including net migration under her watch at an all-time high with the figures for 2015 at over 3 times the amount she had promised!

She is known as a stubborn woman to work with, digging her heels in if she believes she is right, which sounds good, unless you were waiting on your passport in 2014.  But it’s no good if by being stubborn you get things wrong and go into hiding, refusing to give interviews or explain yourself.

Yes, she may be a great at playing the Westminster game, but she is no politician of the people, far from it. Over her almost 2 decades in office, she has destroyed communities with ill thought out policies, particularly decimating community policing and doing nothing to address inequality in wealth in the UK.

I for one, certainly don’t believe the “all in it together” mantra of the Tory party & most definitely not when uttered from Theresa Mays lips!

Overall I am very disappointed in this ascension & sincerely hope a General Election is forced upon the government long before 2020.


Karin Flower

Celeb FC Charity Football Founder