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Colchester PR boss to walk South Devon coastal path for charity

24 Apr Colchester PR boss to walk South Devon coastal path for charity

The managing director, of award-winning Colchester-based PR consultancy, Big Wave PR, Hilary Collins, will be walking 128 miles over cliffs, beaches and rocks around the south Devon coastal path to raise much-needed funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s laser appeal.

Last year Hilary trekked the entire length of the Cornish Coastal path and raised over £3,000 for the cause. This year she’s stepping up to a further challenge as Great Ormond Street Hospital are still £16,000 off their target to pay for new specialist lasers for the hospital’s birthmark unit.

The trek will take her from Plymouth to Seaton in a mammoth journey for a cause that is very close to her heart. Hilary’s daughter, Ciara Collins-Allen, 12, has been under Great Ormond Street’s care since she was just a few weeks’ old. She explains: “Lots of children are born with birthmarks, unfortunately for my daughter she was born with rapidly-growing marks on her face, one in her throat and it is expected at least one on her lungs. She was my first-born child and it wasn’t what we’d been expecting. Ciara was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital as she was struggling to breathe and she underwent a life saving operation, which didn’t go quite to plan, but after a few days in intensive care she pulled through and we were able to take our daughter home.”

She continued: “The majority of lasers at Great Ormond Street have been fundraised due to financial pressures on the NHS. If someone hadn’t raised all the funds for the lasers required to save Ciara’s life our lives would be very different right now. So, I’m determined to do all I can to help Great Ormond Street Hospital get the funds they need.”

Ciara is still under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital and receives laser treatment on her face every six months; the new lasers will be much stronger and would lessen the amount of treatments all children with birthmarks would need.

To support Hilary in her fundraising venture, please visit You can also follow her journey on Instagram @MumsJourneyofThankstoGOSH.