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Colchester County High School for Girls have raised over £6000 for international charity Lepra

04 Apr Colchester County High School for Girls have raised over £6000 for international charity Lepra

This spring, the students at Colchester County High School for Girls have been helping to beat leprosy by fundraising and collecting donations for Lepra. Over 150 students took part in a sponsored Zumba workout as well as other sponsored activities and were able to raise a phenomenal £6101.99 for the international charity.

Leprosy is a curable disease that affects millions of people across the world, but is often misunderstood or ignored, along with those affected by it. Lepra work in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique to find, cure and treat those affected, along with educating their communities to help reduce prejudice and fear around leprosy.

Schools are increasingly encouraging their students to take an interest in the world away from their own town and many of the issues that Lepra work to tackle resonate with children and parents; particularly that the disease can ruin opportunities such as school for children and young people, either through disabilities caused by the disease or prejudice towards it.

One example of this is Neru, an eight year old from India who was ordered to leave her school by a dinner lady on hearing of her diagnosis. Neru missed two years of school as a result and her family suffered further prejudice. With Lepra’s help, Neru was cured and her disabilities treated, allowing her to return to school and resume her learning.

Lepra works with schools, community groups and churches to raise awareness about neglected diseases and people marginalised by society. Working with governments, other non-governmental organisations and international agencies, Lepra identifies and bridges gaps in healthcare provision as well as helping people to rebuild their lives.