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Colbea helps firms drive to go green

17 May Colbea helps firms drive to go green

With smaller businesses around the UK contributing approximately half of our business greenhouse gas emissions in this country, Colbea, the not-for-profit business support and enterprise agency based in Colchester, is helping Essex businesses buck the trend.

Firms employing less than 250 people are more likely to be at the beginning of their journey to a net-zero future, with the most common barriers to progress being fears around cost and feasibility.

In its drive to support small businesses across Essex, Colbea has launched a new series of free training courses, including a new module focused on how to reduce the carbon footprint of a small business.

Low Carbon Sustainability Training explains the jargon behind climate science and helps attendees get started on measuring and reducing their impact. Business leaders taking part will also learn how to compare the different carbon footprint calculators designed for SMEs, clearly understand the benefits of net zero for their business and the planet, and also hear success stories from local case studies.

Beginning on 9th June, the training will be led by experts in sustainable business practices from Triple Bottom Line Accounting and consultancy firm Maple Cone. Sessions are held on a Thursday at either 9:30am-11:00am or 2:30pm-4:00pm and are held virtually via Zoom.

Entirely free, these workshops are available for residents of Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Maldon, Tendring, Uttlesford, Epping Forest or Rochford for businesses of any size, at any stage, and in any sector.

Fully funded by the North Essex Economic Board – a partnership of district, borough, and city councils within the area – the courses are run by Colbea in partnership with expert trainers leading the courses.

Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford, Colbea Chief Executive, commented: “The UK is legally committed to reaching net zero by 2050 and smaller businesses will play a key role in achieving this. Traditionally companies in Essex are at the forefront of new innovations and the battle against climate change is something we are expecting local firms to take a lead in.

“This course helps give businesses clear, practical advice which can become a structured set of actions that can be implemented by any business and make a real difference to everyone’s future.”