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Closing the widening attainment gap in UK schools could boost economy by £14.4bn per year

01 Nov Closing the widening attainment gap in UK schools could boost economy by £14.4bn per year

A new report from the Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) has found that closing the gap between the attainment levels in school of the students from the most and least deprived regions in England would effectively boost the UK economy by £14.4bn annually. This summer’s GCSE results have revealed the widest grade gap between economically disadvantaged students and their counterparts in almost a decade, and Figures from the Department for Education have shown that on average, students from disadvantaged households in low income regions half a grade lower on results than their peers from more affluent homes. The CPP warns that lack of funding in the most deprived areas will lead to productivity stagnation and economic decline for the future generation, fearing the changes made to the National Funding Formula are pointing to those in more affluent areas receiving more funding than those in more deprived areas of the country, further widening the attainment gap.

Amid the current cost-of-living crisis and the grade gap at the widest it’s been in a decade, new data from MyTutor – the UK’s leading tutoring platform – now unveils a paralleled gap between the UK’s upper-income and lower-income families, in terms of money spent on additional educational resources for their children. Today, upper/middle-income families spend an average of £1,216 on their children’s education, yet this figure is almost halved for lower-income families, who spend an average of £615. This new data highlights that the need for free learning resources has never been more prominent, with many families unable to afford to stop the grade gap widening. As such, MyTutor – the UK’s most trusted tutoring platform – launches ‘MyTutor Squads’, offering all students free online tutoring classes throughout the autumn term.

MyTutor Squads: Free Online Tutorials
MyTutor is launching their ‘MyTutor Squads’ for students looking for free interactive learning resources on the subjects that students are struggling the most with. Offering free online tutoring sessions in Maths, Coding, and Smart Study Habits, MyTutor is proof that a well-rounded education that sets your child up for success, doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. ‘MyTutor Squads’ have commenced until 16th December, for all students seeking extra support free online tutoring classes throughout the autumn term.

Maths GCSE (MyTutor Maths Squad) – every Monday at 5pm
Study Skills (MyTutor Study Squad) – every Thursday at 5pm
Coding (MyTutor Coding Squad) – every Tuesday at 5pm
About MyTutor’s Free Online Tutoring Sessions
Launch to make it easier for teens to get the study support they need, MyTutor’s group tutoring sessions will be held weekly and hosted on their YouTube channel, all of which are completely free of charge and will run from 10 October to 16 December – the entire autumn term. Led by an array of MyTutor’s most experienced tutors, sessions will cover core topics such as Maths and Coding – relevant to GCSE Computer Science, and to teens who want to give it a go.