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Charlotte Rose has her say on “Prostitute wife of Met police officer saga”

07 Mar Charlotte Rose has her say on “Prostitute wife of Met police officer saga”

Earlier this week news broke that Sarah Jane Frost, 30, who describes herself as ‘busty, fun and curvy’ online, the wife of a police officer PC Scott Frost was allowed to carry on working as a call girl after her husband told the Met Police what she does for a living.

We invited in the First Lady Of Sex Charlotte Rose to weigh in on the issue as she in 2015 told the BBC that “police no longer turned a blind eye to the sex trade in London’s Soho, but prostitutes should have the same rights as other workers.”

Rose commented on the issue saying “As a sex worker this is a perfect example of how the media typically portraits sex workers and dirty despite being legal to work independently. No crime has been committed makes me think there is something more to this story like a personal vendetta”

She added “this is a perfect example of why we need discrimination to protect sex workers at times of hatred through stigma”

The Met Police has already confirmed that the force was previously aware of Sarah Jane’s occupation, saying: “The officer did the right thing and informed the MPS of his wife’s occupation.”

Pictured: PC Frost and his wife

Prostitution is legal in England and Wales.

But soliciting in public, kerb crawling, pimping and owning or managing a ­brothel are illegal.