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A Candid Chat With The Most Famous Football LookAlike In The UK

27 Feb A Candid Chat With The Most Famous Football LookAlike In The UK

By Alin Stacescu

Manchester United legend Rio tweeted a picture of Jack Goodacre at the Community Shield match vs Leicester saying ‘Just seen Ibra in the stands. What’s happening. Yessss #Zlatan”

From there Jack has secured various TV commercial jobs and worked with some of UK top brands. I pulled him im for a char

Q1) Hi Jack we are massive fans of you and your alter ego Zlatan Ibrahimovic, did you watch the EFL Cup today? If so what did you think of the game?
A)Yeah I watched the game, wouldn’t of missed this one! Game was good alot more open than a normal Cup Final should of been but very entertaining for everyone watching. Great advert for the EFL really!

Q2) Your a famous Lookalike/BodyDouble for Zlatan, today he has won Man Utd that Trophy scoring the first goal then scoring the winner he really is on fire, he got wrote off beginning of the season now he can’t stop scoring, did you ever have any doubts he would score so many goals?

A) I know Ibra has said many times he never doubted himself but I think a lot of people thought maybe the speed of the Premier League games would catch him out ( as many big name players have been in the past ) but he has been exceptional this season. 

26 goals already and he is looking in fine form, he had his draught but I knew he would come back to form from the start he had earlier this season. 

Q3) What’s the attention like in your home town and in your day to day life looking like Zlatan one of the most famous footballers in the WORLD right now?

A) It’s good the attention well as long as they are United fans or neutrals of the game. 

Not everyone is a fan but that’s the same with anything especially the player himself, but generally it’s all positive comments and lots of photos, and selfies.

Q4) That’s 1 trophy in the cabinet at Old Trafford, can Zlatan and Man Utd do the Cup treble and win the FA Cup and Europa League?

A) The treble is very much on this year, I think at the start of the season, top 4 and 1 trophy would of been a successful season for us but the chance of top 4 and 3 trophies would be something we can only dream of. The FA Cup will be the hardest to win I think as a Away trip to Chelsea is not ideal but you never know, Spurs are out of the Europa Cup I think it’s looking good for us in Europe can see Mourinho taking us to the Final in May. 

Q5) Jack we see you have worked with some exciting brands since the Summer, what’s been your favourite job as Zlatan and why? 

A) My favourite job so far has been working with Manchester United. The shoots are really enjoyable and exciting it’s always fantastic to meet the players and getting to know them has been amazing. 

As a fan this has to be the reason why that has been my favourite job I’ve done. I am always appreciative of each job my Management get me. I’m in a privileged position.

Q6) Would you do any reality TV Jack like Love Island, Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating or even The Great British Bake Off?

A) Reality TV is something which has been spoken about for a while now and I would never say never, you never know what the future holds but I’m happy how things are at present with my work as a estate agent Manager and being a professional Zlatan Ibrahimovic Body Double.

Q7) Finally with still a couple of months of the Football season to go, what does the future hold for you until the Summer?

A) For me whilst Zlatan is scoring and performing well, the work is still busy and enjoyable, I have a lot of work with tv companies in the pipeline and also with the contracts I already have so work is looking good for me, let’s hope Chelsea start to slip up and Zlatan wins Manchester United the title come May.