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A candid chat with boxing rising star Tom Ansell

08 Sep A candid chat with boxing rising star Tom Ansell

by Matthew Martino

Tom Ansell is a name that is about to take the scene by storm, hailing from Essex I pulled the lad in for a candid chat about his future plans and to find out how Essex he actually is!

MM: So tell me, who is Tom Ansell?
TA: Im a professional boxer 1 and 0 orignally from Hertfordshire. However moved to Witham with my girlfriend. I train in chelmsford under the eyes of mark massow at the sweet science gym. I am a aggressive boxer who has been dubbed as a KO artist.

MM: When did the boxing dream first come alive to you?
TA: Well i had always been a keen rugby player through school, university and a little after i love the physicality and tactical aspects of the game however i always thought i lacked fitness.

I then signed up for a boxing match mainly to get fit for the new rugby season however i found out i was pretty good and loved the buzz of boxing. I then appeares on a BT sports boxing tv show called total combat did really well and four years on never looked back since.

MM: As an Essex lad with some strong roots, What memories do you have of Essex?
TA: All my memories of essex have been either playing rugby against chelmsford, brentwood or braintree. However most of my memories have been living with my girlfriend straight after uni, starting my own business here too.

However i love food and some great memories has been in crofters wine bar in witham. Along with taking my son to the zoo for the first time at Colchester.

Although essex is always changing into a better place. Such as places to eat, shop and entertainment. Although i havent lived in essex for ages i can garentee there will be alot more mermories in store.

MM: What can we expect for the rest of 2017?
TA: I have a huge fight coming up on the 20th of October at the O2 indigo on a david haye promotions undercard which is live on channel dave. I also am looking to fight again in December.

I would also like to thank my Essex sponsors for helping me acheive my dream.

My sponsors are:

  • Complete physio and fitness Witham
  • Food one CONSULTANCY
  • The goodness food company

You can connect with Tom

Tom Ansell on facebook
Twitter tomansell9
Instagram tomansell9

Keep an eye out on him! Greatness awaits.