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Budget-friendly Valentine’s Day tips to help strained household budgets

09 Feb Budget-friendly Valentine’s Day tips to help strained household budgets

In light of the increasing strain on household budgets due to rising living costs, prioritising savings wherever possible is crucial for many households this year. If you typically enjoy treating your partner to lavish gestures on Valentine’s Day, consider these thoughtful yet budget-friendly ideas compiled by the money saving team at

1) Create a heartfelt video
Transform your treasured memories captured on your phone into a personalised video. Select your favourite moments together and set them to a meaningful song that holds special significance for both of you.

2) Bake together
Whether it’s crafting a fresh loaf of bread or whipping up a decadent cake – not only is baking fun, but you’ll also have the joy of savouring the delicious results of your teamwork.

3) Create a love-filled treasure hunt
Express your affection by writing heartfelt messages detailing all the reasons you love your partner. Scatter these love notes throughout your home, forming a whimsical trail for your spouse to discover.

4) Recreate wedding memories
Dust off your wedding attire and immerse yourselves in a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Spend the day wearing your wedding dress or suit, reliving the magic of your special day. Cook a meal together and reminisce over your wedding photos.

5) Finish off the DIY
Surprise your partner by completing lingering DIY tasks around the house that have been on the back burner for far too long. From fixing that wobbly toilet roll holder to jet washing the patio – show your thoughtfulness by ticking off those DIY jobs.

6) Embark on a romantic bike ride:
Prepare a picnic filled with your partner’s favourite foods and pack it into a backpack. Set off on a bike ride together, exploring meaningful locations that hold significance in your relationship.

7) Get photos of you together framed
Bring your digital memories to life by selecting your favourite photos together and get them framed.

8) Play board games by candlelight
Set the mood with candlelight as you indulge in classic board games like Scrabble. Share snacks and laughter while engaging in friendly competition.

9) Go to the beach
Pack a bucket and spade and write a romantic message in the sand. Wrap up warm and walk hand in hand along the shoreline.

Personal finance expert of money-saving website,, Michael Foote, said:“Spoiling your partner on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag; all it takes is a little creativity.

“If you usually spend lots on one another on Valentine’s Day, give your partner a heads up that you’d like to do things a little differently this year. It’s always best to be honest about your financial situation – just because you can’t afford to spend lots of money doesn’t mean you love them any less”.