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Brentwood MP praises local fitness  programme

05 Sep Brentwood MP praises local fitness  programme

by Matthew Martino

The MP for Brentwood and Ongar today praised the Fit and Fed programme at Brentwood Centre which brought the local community together through the summer.

With youngsters from across  Brentwood and Ongar heading back to school this week after a summer packed with all kinds of events and activities, Alex Burghart MP posted a message of support for the summer programme saying:

One of the most notable events has been Brentwood #FitandFed at the Brentwood Centre which delivered part of a national programme to tackle holiday hunger, inactivity and isolation in local children from deprived backgrounds.”

The statement added “The programme attracted over 140 children aged 11-16 years from all backgrounds, plus 10 young volunteers aged 17-25 years. It has been recognised by StreetGames as one of the most successful programmes in the country due to the additional work on challenging behaviours, inclusivity and mental health. A fine example of Brentwood leading the way!”