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Brentwood Centre’s Max prepares for volunteering trip to Solomon Island

04 Mar Brentwood Centre’s Max prepares for volunteering trip to Solomon Island

In August 2019, Max Richardson who works in the events team at the Brentwood Centre is flying out to the Solomon Islands, a small, developing nation made up of hundreds of islands.

He will be living out there for a year and working as a teacher in the country’s biggest school, St Nicholas’ School.

The educational infrastructure throughout the nation is extremely poor and youth unemployment is a major issue, with levels at unprecedented rates. Max will be going there supported by the charity Project Trust, who are based on the Isle of Coll in Scotland. There is little funding to train and pay teachers, which means that people from the Solomon Islands are often locked into a cycle of poverty.

Max will be one of 4 volunteers going out there with the aim of making a difference and trying to break the cycle for some of the young people living on the islands.

Max and his family have been supporting the rehearsals for our community performances of Godspell this year by making the refreshments on a Saturday and putting the profits towards his trip.

Max said ‘I would like to express my gratitude to the cast and crew of GODSPELL for providing me with this opportunity to fundraise for my trip to the Solomon Islands. ”

Max’s mum and sister performed in the Brentwood Centre’s production of Joseph last year with Chesney Hawkes and his mum is working with Chat 1st Evie Taylor on the youth project and her scheme Amazing Me.

You can support Max’s fundraising efforts here: