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Braintree introduce online app to prevent crime and disorder

12 Aug Braintree introduce online app to prevent crime and disorder

Officers from Braintree & Uttlesford Community Policing team joined members of Braintree’s Community Safety Partnership in Market Square yesterday, Thursday 8 August, to announce the introduction of an online app, DISC, The app will be used to help prevent crime and disorder which can be associated with night time socialising in the town.

‘DISC’ is an online database, accessible via an app, which provides Pubwatch members a platform to communicate in real time and securely share data in order to reduce incidents of crime and disorder in the town.

Pubwatch is a national initiative operated at a local level with its success dependent on local involvement. It provides an opportunity for licensed businesses in the area to work in partnership with officers, local authorities, the fire service and Trading Standards to prevent crime, disorder, public nuisance and harm to children, as well as promoting public safety. The introduction of DISC will help support this partnership working and ultimately help to keep Braintree as a safe place to enjoy a night out.

The app has so far been successfully utilised in other areas of the county including Southend, Harlow, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Colchester, not only enabling local communication between businesses, local authorities and police, but also the sharing of best practice too.

It also helps to support and implement the Behave or Be Banned scheme (BOBB). Operators and managers of bars, pubs and nightclubs have always been able to refuse entry to problematic people.
Using the DISC app, licensed businesses will be able to access data in real-time to prevent those banned from entering the venue and so prevent any potential disorder.

BOBB is a scheme through which Pubwatch groups can work in partnership with police to make the process more effective, banning those who don’t behave not only from an individual venue, but from all those in the Pubwatch group too.