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Best Unmissable Nordic TV series

25 Mar Best Unmissable Nordic TV series

From Finland to Denmark, Nordic TV has been somewhat of a hit in recent years. With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo becoming acclaimed throughout the world in book and movie form, the genre of Nordic Noir has really taken off. However, though there are plenty of dark mysteries within Scandinavian TV, there are also some moments of comedy and romance too. So, what are some of the best Nordic TV series that you shouldn’t miss? As a starting point, the Danish, ‘Arvingerne’ is a must. Translating to, The Legacy, this series is set on Funen island and explores the tale of four siblings showing Danish culture and lifestyle.

Nordic fun!

As we mentioned, it’s not all doom and gloom in Nordic TV. Take for instance, the hugely popular Norsemen, a tongue in cheek look at the Viking way of life. Riffing on the popular Vikings series, this Norwegian entrant takes us into the world of Vikings but with a decidedly modern twist. Filmed in both English and Norwegian (yes, the actors film each scene twice!), this is a must-watch. Welcome to Sweden may have been cancelled after its international debut, but this fun series of an American moving to be with his Swedish girlfriend is a must. Highlighting the Swedish culture from snus to noir, learn more here.

Uncovering crime

No Nordic TV list would be complete without a few crime and thriller shows. Arguably the best of the bunch, there are numerous quality Scandinavian shows in this genre. From Iceland there is the impressive Brot or Valhalla Murders which centres on a string of apparently unrelated murders around the country. Finland’s award-winning Kaikki Synnit or All the Sins is another exceptional addition to the list. This series focuses on small-town life bringing viewers into a more unseen part of Finnish life. Finally, there’s the Danish Den Som Droeber, Those Who Kill, and the Norwegian, Greneseland (Borderline) for those looking for old-fashioned murder mysteries.