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Benny’s Verdict on Xfactor – Week 1

28 Aug Benny’s Verdict on Xfactor – Week 1

By Benny

Excited for the new series of XFactor ? Ofcourse you are otherwise why else would you be here. This series Benny will be giving us his weekly verdict on the judges, the acts and well whatever else he feels is relevant. Brace yourselves ….. This is Benny’s Verdict on XFactor – Week 1 !


The judges ?

“I’m glad Nicole is back on the panel cause she is a raving sort and really talented special judge with her Brittany spears accent..Simon needs to shave that shit off his face..Sharon is a legend and Louis needs to stop using his same lines he used 10 years I think we all know he likes a pop star”

Its a fix ?

“X factor will always be scripted its probably more worse than the shows like Towie or Made in Chelsea but I guess we all love to watch the show still..I just can’t stand the son story’s..just sing your song and move on”

Nicole’s impersonations ?

“She made my willy tingle with the impersonations haha she a very talented women and should always remain a judge on the X factor..she someone good for people to look up to that are trying to make it in the music industry”

Is Benny heading into Xfactor ?

“If I could bring my shower on the stage I would win the show I’m telling ya ..but I do love to sing a bit of Westlife or Oasis on the karaoke down the pub after about 6 pints so you never know I could audition next year for a bit of banter and who knows if it’s actually fixed I could make it the live final haha”

imageAnd now for the Twitter commentary

  • YES LAD – @ You can tell ‘yes lad’ have definitely spent their life’s taking squad photo’s at Nando’s
  • LOUIS WALSH – @ I’m just waiting for Louis to say you look like a pop star, You sound like a pop star etc …
  • Sob Story’s – @ I can’t deal with all these sob story’s already just sing your song and move on
  • HONEY G – @ Honey g is what happens when let your mum listen to a skepta tune one time